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Kia Brake Repair near Cape Coral FL

Whether you own a car with drum or disc brakes, you'll always find a safe place to visit when you need Kia brake repair. Galeana Kia has a full staff of ambitious and certified auto technicians who've won multiple awards in their fields. Kia brake repair is second nature to them, but they always stay careful and steady in their work serving Cape Coral. Your brake system is composed of parts that reside within your wheels. In most modern cars, this will be a disc brake system, while older models often have drum brakes. A great Kia brake repair near Cape Coral service center will have the knowledge and parts to work on either.

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Full Brake Inspections

The first step into diagnosing brake issues is to perform diagnostics. This might include a visual inspection (for brake pads and rotors) or more stringent testing for components like calipers and cylinders. The team here is serving Cape Coral customers with a simple way to get the brake diagnostics you need this year. We believe strongly in standing by appointments and getting you into our shop when we schedule you. A general brake inspection should last no longer than 30 minutes, although it may take a bit longer to get your vehicle prepped. Rushing maintenance and inspections is never a good idea, so we do let our customers know that we'll take as much time as we need to really diagnose the issue accurately.

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Possible Brake Problems

Like all components of a machine, brakes are not infinite. Brake pads are the most finite of your brake system and may need to be replaced at about 70,000 miles or even sooner (depending on the quality and type of brake pads that are installed). Rotors usually last longer than this, but they also need to be replaced sometimes. If you live in an area where there's a lot of "stops" on your way anywhere, you'll use your braking system more, and this could wear out the pads and rotors sooner. Issues like frozen calipers or master cylinder problems are a very real thing for people who own older vehicles. They might be a distressing thing at first, but rest assured that we can get your vehicle repaired and back out there with the best of them very soon. Our shop is comfortable to wait in as well, so if you want to pass some time using free Wi-Fi or grab a cup of coffee, settle in and we'll work our magic for your brakes.

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Signs that Brakes are Failing

Complete brake failure is extremely rare, as automakers like Kia know that brakes are a lifeline always. However, you can get into a collision if you don't fix a brake issue in time, so please be alert to the signs of trouble. A car will give you plenty of signs that it's time for brake maintenance or repair. We recommend watching for: When you brake, the vehicle pulls to the left or right, Squealing noises as you brake, Vibrations during braking, Clicking, Brake pad indicator light is on, Stop time is not up to par with past performance, Grinding noise and feeling in the front of the vehicle, Schedule a Brake Inspection. Good drivers know that the longer you wait to fix a brake issue, the worse it becomes. Don't procrastinate on brake repair. Contact our friendly team today to schedule a full inspection of your braking system. We work on all types of brake systems and have an in-house selection of OEM components ready to fix your problem with the originally selected components from Kia. Don't own a Kia vehicle? Don't worry! We are fully certified to work on brake systems from other brands as well. Expect your inspection to last about 30 minutes. During your time with us, you are welcome to use our free on-site services and refreshments to keep your mind at ease. Call or schedule online today for help from our dealership.

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