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Kia Transmission Service in Fort Myers FL

If your Kia vehicle is going to have a long life and healthy performance, it's important to get Kia transmission service in Fort Myers. Galeana Kia service center is a place where everyone in Fort Myers should turn for great transmission maintenance and repair. We know our stuff! And when you keep up with our simple tips and maintenance routines for your transmission, you'll get a lot more out of your Kia vehicle.

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How Important is Kia Transmission Service

It's so important that we let our customers know about it routinely. Your transmission is like any other component in your Kia vehicle. If you treat it right, it'll give you years of faithful service and exhilarating performance in Fort Myers. Every vehicle has a different service interval for transmission maintenance, but here are a few general guidelines we go by.

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Transmission Inspections are Important

Many drivers don't ever have their transmission inspected, and this is an unfortunate fact. Early transmission problems are easier to detect and fix than later ones. If you drive with a damaged transmission, other components could be damaged, too. Make sure you include transmission inspections in your regular Kia transmission service. Galeana Kia Service Center is available to perform transmission inspections in Fort Myers.

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Check Transmission Fluid Levels

If you don't know how to check transmission fluid levels, you're not alone. Many people don't even think of this as part of their regular maintenance. It is, though. We make regular fluid checks of your transmission fluid levels a common Kia transmission service. It's one way to make sure your transmission doesn't become damaged. A single fluid leak and low fluid levels will eventually destroy your transmission.

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Quick Repair

A lot of little things can go wrong with a transmission. Our computer diagnostics pick up codes like slipped gears and other issues. These problems are a lot less expensive to fix than handling a failed transmission. If we notice anything during an annual inspection, it's important to fix the issue immediately. Leaving an ailing transmission without quick repair can cost you the entire transmission.

Trust Us for Transmission Service

Galeana Kia Service Center is a part of our dealership. We don't just help people who buy from us, though. Even if you've never walked through our dealership lot and seen our inventory or bought a vehicle from us, we're here to take care of your Kia for you. Certified auto technicians are always available to talk transmissions with owners.


Honest mechanics are actually very easy to find if you put a little time into finding them. Our business depends on trust. It never pays for us to mislead customers or to be unfair about pricing. Our Kia transmission service is built on the principle of trust. When we tell you something, it's true, and we also put it in writing before making repairs. Because of the trust we've built with customers over the years, we're a very popular Kia transmission service in Fort Myers.

Respect for Customers

You'll never catch us preaching at a customer who comes to us with a problem. Even if you didn't take great care of your transmission, we're not here to judge. Life is so hectic sometimes that it's easy to overlook this component. Most of the time, it rides on to 100,000 miles without so much as a glitch. A sudden problem isn't something you were expecting, and there's only one thing to do from here: let our team treat you with respect and fix that transmission.

Certified and Highly Trained in Transmission Repair

Our Kia transmission service in Fort Myers is popular because we hire experts. You'll find our transmission crew is easy to work with and communicates well with customers. They're qualified to work on Kia transmissions.

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