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2022 Kia Soul Overview

The Kia Soul has a reputation as the world's hippest hatchback. Its smooth, exhilarating drive and calm, cool demeanor make it a perfect match for many different kinds of buyers. A younger buyer might gravitate to the 2022 Kia Soul because of its dazzling ambient light display that bounces along to music. An active sportsman might appreciate its focus on cargo capacity over passenger capacity. Hatchbacks are thrills for people who need a place to toss sporting equipment and just go, go, go. Even a small, beginning family will find ample room in the surprisingly spacious Soul interior. The goals of your life fit perfectly into a 2022 Kia Soul near Port Charlotte.

Port Charlotte FL - 2022 Kia Soul's Overview

Exterior - Kia Dealer serving Port Charlotte FL

When the interior is serving Port Charlotte Naples Cape Coral with such smoothness, it's no surprise when the exterior shows up dressed for success, too. The Kia Soul near Port Charlotte has robust 16-inch alloy wheels on its S trim (one of the most popular at our dealership). It also has a redesigned exterior with a more energetically slanted roofline and two-tone exterior options. The grille is also different than you'll find on any other hatchback, with a crisp, aggressive straight line leading into the headlamps. It really brings out the bold color options for the Soul this year. Colors like Inferno Red or Mars Orange really pop alive, and Kia's giving you Two-tone high notes like Cherry Black/Mars Orange. Please contact Galeana Kia to learn about other masterful colors on the new Soul.

Port Charlotte FL - 2022 Kia Soul's Exterior

Interior - 2022 Kia Soul near Port Charlotte FL

A first glance of the 2022 Kia Soul will of course immediately draw attention to the glitzy exterior, but there's a lot going on inside as well. The Soul's interior is serving Port Charlotte Naples Cape Coral with a lovely place to enjoy the things that matter most in life. The new technology inside conjures images of a mini-computer station with all the wiles of modern connectivity in one place. The interior of the Soul is a place where you can work, play, and communicate. Spacing and visibility are excellent, with conveniently placed controls and smooth, soft finishes. Its door panels and console feel like a safe place. Anyone choosing a Kia Soul near Port Charlotte will also receive a new fun place to retreat to on the off-days. Even the commute can be fun with features like a Navigation display measuring 10.25 inches. Have a smartphone that needs TLC? Use your wireless phone charger. And thanks to a comfortable 10-way power driver's seat with full lumbar support, you'll always feel like you're getting the VIP treatment in a Soul S. That's a trim where the S stands for "smooth."

Port Charlotte FL - 2022 Kia Soul's Interior
Kia Soul Mechanical specs

Compact hatchbacks rarely win praise for their mechanical systems. They're refined in terms of interior and exterior look, but it's rare that you find a hatchback that's built to motor through life's more difficult paths. That's just another way that the Soul is serving Port Charlotte Naples Cape Coral. This is a hatchback equipped with some motivating mechanical systems, too. The spry Iso-Structure is advanced high strength steel that envelopes the Soul in a sense of security and stability. New traction control systems and vehicle stability management platforms are there to help you make the most out of the design. Contact Galeana Kia for more info on the Soul's amazing mechanical design.

Port Charlotte FL - 2022 Kia Soul's Mechanical
Powertrain - Kia Dealership near Port Charlotte FL

The Soul's 147 horsepower base model and early trims are a tribute to its ingenuity and power. A compact hatchback usually gets something in the early 100 or even late 90 horsepower. The Soul wasn't content to just blend in this way, either. You'll find a raw, determined drive in the early trims and an amazing 201 horsepower turbocharged 1.6L engine on the Turbo trim. If you want to really experience a Soul that moves, be sure to ask us about the Turbo. It also comes with 18-inch Sport Alloy wheels and an amazing 7-speed dual clutch transmission that you have to see to believe.

Safety - 2022 Kia Soul dealer

On the base model Soul, you'll get standard safety features that stack up nicely next to any other vehicle in the class, but Kia also gives you early access to Blind-Spot Collision Warning and Forward Collision Avoidance Assist, two very advanced safety features that rarely appear this early. Lane Keeping Assist is standard on the second trim and beyond. Where the model really shines is its 10.25-inch touchscreen system, though. This is a system that keeps you grounded and aware at all times.

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